HighEnd Systems Hog 4 Lighting Desk

Hog 4 Lighting Desk – Hire from us today!

Hog 4 Lighting Desk

CDB Production Solutions continue to invest in the very best, industry standard, equipment.  We now have latest Hog 4 Lighting Desk available for hire. Contact Us for a quote. Very competitive rates!

Hog 4 Lighting Desk is the flagship in Highend Systems newest range of consoles. Replacing the much loved Wholehog III, it embraces the latest technology, while retaining the Hog’s familiar control surface. Users will be able to walk up to the Hog 4 Lighting Desk and start programming without having to learn a whole new interface. The new encoders, jog shuttle wheel, lcd keys, motorized faders and integrated keyboard all serve to enhance this experience, making the Hog 4 Lighting Desk completely customisable. You can now have virtually all the most important attributes to hand at any time.

Retaining the sleek look of generations past, the Hog 4 Lighting Desk offers the user an advanced programming experience in an established environment. Hog 4 Lighting Desk, at the top of the Hog line, is designed to handle the largest shows.

The console provides three monitor outputs, MIDI input and output ports, 8 USB ports, 2 Fast Ethernet ports on a rugged Neutrik Ethercon connector allowing you total flexibility. You’re prepared for everything from the smallest industrial job requiring a single console to the largest stadium show, theme park installation or Broadway spectacular requiring a multi console setup with full network backups!

Preserve show data on a solid state hard disk drive as well as with USB drives and CD/DVD-ROM’s, or alternatively connect directly to a network drive to store your show files remotely.


  • Robust Hog 4 Operating Software
  • Unlimited number of simultaneous crossfades
  • Two internal 17-inch wide screen touchscreens with 10 point multi-touch
  • Three external monitors or touchscreens supported
  • Five encoders for an expanded wheelset
  • Twelve LCD User Keys
  • Tri Axis backlit trackball, with rotary encoder for the third axis and four configurable buttons for cursor and position control
  • Ten motorized playback faders
  • One motorized Grand Master
  • Dedicated Intensity and Rate wheels
  • User assignable Jog Shuttle encoder
  • 48 Soft-Keys for quick toolbar selections
  • Built in DMX Processor 8000
  • Hog-Net Ethernet connector
  • Fixture-Net Ethernet connector
  • Integrated keyboard
  • Internal Hard disk drive
  • Internal CD/DVD drive
  • Eight USB ports for Wholehog wings and external touchscreens
  • Storage space beneath arm rest
  • Desklights, feedback LEDs, and integrated worklight all dimmable
  • Auto-ranging mains input (90-250VAC)
  • Light Converse Visualizer dongle included
  • Dust cover included
  • Custom Road Case included


  • Unlimited number of DMX channels via Ethernet DPs
  • Unlimited number of Art-Net and E1.3.1 (sACN) universes via Ethernet DPs
  • Onboard MIDI Input and Output, MIDI Show Control and MIDI Time Code and LTC Input
  • Multiple LTC inputs via optional multiple SMPTE/ LTC USB Widget
  • Connectivity with many visualizers via Ethernet
  • Wired and wireless networking ability with multiple Wholehog console systems
  • Remote Focus capabilities when networked with a tablet PC running Hog 4PC software
  • Supports USB Playback and Expansion Wings


  • With the Screen down – 40.5” (1028.7mm) wide by 28.49” (723.7mm) deep by 6.49” (164.75mm) high
  • With the Screen up – 40.5” (1028.7mm) wide by 28.49” (723.7mm) deep by 16.43” (417.39mm) high
  • Weight- 75 lbs (34 kg)
Dance Show Filming - CDB Production Solutions

Dance Show Filming

Dance Show Filming

Here at CDB Production Solutions we are increasingly getting more and more busy with various performance companies and dance schools.  We supply them with technical production services to facilitate dance show filming, Sound hire and Lighting hire.

We know that lots of hard work and rehearsals go into putting on a dance show and we understand that you want to capture and showcase your group’s talent in the best possible way, with a professional recording that your pupils and families can be proud of and treasure the memories over time.

With this in mind, let us take away that extra hassle with the technical aspects of the show in terms of lighting, sound and vision.

As more and more shows are being filmed it is very important the lighting and sound are right.  For example, a well-rehearsed dance routine will only look as good both ‘live’ in the venue or ‘captured’ on a DVD if it is lit correctly.  Lighting also can be used to; set the scene, enhance an energetic performance, draw in the audience with a carefully lit moody or sad song, invoke emotion or simply light the stage with a theme or your dance schools colours.

Equally sound is just as important.  Did you know humans gain more than 70% of information through the sense of hearing?  For this reason it is very important that everyone, both ‘live’ in the venue or ‘captured’ on a recording has good quality clear (which doesn’t have to mean loud) audio.  Dancers performing a routine, a group or soloist performing a musical theatre piece, to a person making an announcement or voice over, will only sound as good the as the sound system, fold back monitors, microphones, playback devices being used and the sound engineer mixing the audio to achieve a great balance.

We also understand Dance Show Filming can be an additional expense for your school, but we make our prices affordable and accessible.  We tailor bespoke solutions to you rather than offering various packages where you have to pick the one that closest matches your needs.

Whatever level you are performing at, quality lighting and sound really do make a difference to Dance Show filming.  We have vast knowledge and experience of working within theatres and dance schools.  We can provide you with individual items on dry hire to full production, with lighting and sound engineers.  We offer your school or organisation, a high standard and professional total production solution.

If you are planning an event and require any assistance, please get in touch via our contact us form. Or if you would prefer to speak to someone in person, give our office a call on 01325 520357.  We are always on hand to provide information and guidance.


Showtec Waterproof Outdoor Lighting Dome, Showtec Outdoor Dome - Batten XL

Showtec Waterproof Outdoor Lighting Dome

Here at CDB Production Solutions we are constantly adding to and upgrading our hire stock.  We have just taken delivery of both the moving head style Showtec Waterproof Outdoor Lighting Dome and the Batten 1m Strip style Showtec Waterproof Outdoor Lighting Dome XL.  The Showtec Waterproof Outdoor lighting Dome is a self inflating outdoor waterproof protection housing.  Due to its waterproof cover, it allows outdoor use of various spotlights, moving heads, battens and any other fixture with a maximum lamp power of HMI/MSR 575, power supply 230V/50Hz.  The Showtec Waterproof Outdoor Lighting Dome fully protects from any weather condition including against rain, snow and dirt.  Through the continuous air circulation in the Showtec Waterproof Outdoor Lighting Dome, the lighting fixture also has the additional benefit from extra cooling.

Very competitive pricing, with current offers on.  Whatever your event, big or small, call 01325 520357 to discuss your requirements.  Alternatively leave us your details on our contact form and we will call you back.

Let CDB Production Solutions build your ideal event with our years of experience in sound, lighting and technical knowledge.  We look forward to working with you to achieve your total production solution!


Specifications Showtec Waterproof Outdoor Lighting Dome – Moving Head Style

  • For floor use and truss use
  • Supplied with 2 protective domes (120 cm and 150 cm)
  • Black colour
  • air-pressure safety switch
  • hanging bracket for hanging moving heads or clamping other fixtures
  • Maximum Lamp power: HMI/MSR 575
  • Power supply 230V/50Hz
  • 16a commando plug (Power supply splits inside to power fixture)


Specifications Showtec Waterproof Outdoor Lighting Dome XL– Batten / Strip Style

  • For floor use and truss use
  • Including one protective dome (110 x 250 x 25 cm)
  • Black color
  • air-pressure safety switch
  • A long sliding profile allows you to mount your fixture easily
  • Power supply 230V/50Hz
  • 16a commando plug (Power supply splits inside to power fixture)
  • Dimensions Total dome: 1200 x 450 x 300mm
  • Max fixture dimensions: 1100 x 250 x 250mm