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Sedgefield Rock & Blues Club

Sedgefield Rock & Blues

For the past 5 years we have been providing full production to Sedgefield Rock & Blues Club, a small music venue which offers great acts that always have sell out performances.

The end of 2017 saw the Rebecca Downes Band come to Sedgefield Rock & Blues Club, where we provided a full sound system and lighting rig.  The sound system consisted of 2 stacks of D&B C series PA, along with wedge monitors and in ear monitor sends, all controlled through our Behringer X32 full size digital mixing console, with wireless access on stage for the band to control their own monitor mixes. 

As well as this we provided a full lighting rig with flown movers, led effects and matrix blinders. This was all controlled through the High End Systems Hoglet 4 coupled with a 24” 10 point multi touch screen loaded with Hog 4 PC.  This is ideal for setting up in a smaller venue due to its small footprint, without losing any power that Hog OS can bring.

We are back with Sedgefield Rock & Blues Club in the new year for the start of another great set of gigs.

As always, if we can assist with production services for your event, including sound, lighting and temporary power distribution, get in touch via our contact us form

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