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Lighting Installation

Lighting Installation

As well as hiring equipment we also offer Sound Installation, Lighting Installation, and Audio Visual Installation services. Whether that be upgrading an existing installation or a brand-new performance space.

After a busy Christmas, the first install of the year was a new AV & lighting system for a local community hall.  After having on site meetings, we were able to design a system that would meet the requirements of the various users of the hall and most importantly, would be versatile and easy to use.  We carefully picked fixtures and equipment to use on the installation which resulted in a finished installation that we could be confident met the versatile requirements.

Our Lighting installation consisted of a full LED rig, including CWWW (cold white, warm white), RGBW (red, green, blue, white) and moving light fixtures.  This made the system very versatile and applicable to many situations as well as meaning that the maintenance and also any down time is kept to a minimum.

In addition to this we also installed a custom touchscreen PC running Hog OS as the control for the lighting installation.  This meant that any user of the hall could easily select a program of their choice, or build a look for themselves.  Finally, we installed a new projector, screen, monitor and patch points located conveniently around the stage area and control box for HDMI and VGA sends. The addition of the 32” confidence monitor now means that presenters on stage can preview the image easily and see any notes on their presentations without the audience seeing them live on the big screen.

After the lighting installation, as with all our installs, we commissioned the system. This ensures the full system was working correctly, as well as training sessions for users of the hall.

If you are planning to a new sound installation, lighting installation or audio visual installation , or are wanting to upgrade an existing system then please get in touch via our contact us form.  Or if you would prefer to speak to someone in person, give our office a call on 01325 520357.  We are always on hand to provide information and guidance.