Showtec Waterproof Outdoor Lighting Dome, Showtec Outdoor Dome - Batten XL

Showtec Waterproof Outdoor Lighting Dome

Here at CDB Production Solutions we are constantly adding to and upgrading our hire stock.  We have just taken delivery of both the moving head style Showtec Waterproof Outdoor Lighting Dome and the Batten 1m Strip style Showtec Waterproof Outdoor Lighting Dome XL.  The Showtec Waterproof Outdoor lighting Dome is a self inflating outdoor waterproof protection housing.  Due to its waterproof cover, it allows outdoor use of various spotlights, moving heads, battens and any other fixture with a maximum lamp power of HMI/MSR 575, power supply 230V/50Hz.  The Showtec Waterproof Outdoor Lighting Dome fully protects from any weather condition including against rain, snow and dirt.  Through the continuous air circulation in the Showtec Waterproof Outdoor Lighting Dome, the lighting fixture also has the additional benefit from extra cooling.

Very competitive pricing, with current offers on.  Whatever your event, big or small, call 01325 520357 to discuss your requirements.  Alternatively leave us your details on our contact form and we will call you back.

Let CDB Production Solutions build your ideal event with our years of experience in sound, lighting and technical knowledge.  We look forward to working with you to achieve your total production solution!


Specifications Showtec Waterproof Outdoor Lighting Dome – Moving Head Style

  • For floor use and truss use
  • Supplied with 2 protective domes (120 cm and 150 cm)
  • Black colour
  • air-pressure safety switch
  • hanging bracket for hanging moving heads or clamping other fixtures
  • Maximum Lamp power: HMI/MSR 575
  • Power supply 230V/50Hz
  • 16a commando plug (Power supply splits inside to power fixture)


Specifications Showtec Waterproof Outdoor Lighting Dome XL– Batten / Strip Style

  • For floor use and truss use
  • Including one protective dome (110 x 250 x 25 cm)
  • Black color
  • air-pressure safety switch
  • A long sliding profile allows you to mount your fixture easily
  • Power supply 230V/50Hz
  • 16a commando plug (Power supply splits inside to power fixture)
  • Dimensions Total dome: 1200 x 450 x 300mm
  • Max fixture dimensions: 1100 x 250 x 250mm


Hoglet Wing - Available for Hire

Hoglet Wing

Hoglet Wing

CDB Production Solutions continue to invest in the very best, industry standard, equipment.  We now have latest Hoglet Wing available in our very own hire stock. We can supply the wing with or without 23.8″ 10 point multi touch high spec PC loaded with Hog 4 PC.  Contact Us for a quote. Very competitive rates!

More compact and more competitive than its predecessor the Nano!

Coupled with Hog 4 PC, the Hoglet Wing, from Highend Systems, provides the user with a single unified surface, turning a laptop or desktop into a fully-fledged, powerful and intuitive lighting console. Any computer running Hog 4 PC can connect to the Hoglet wing over USB creating a state of the art control surface. Utilizing a similar front panel to all Hog 4 products users will feel right at home. The main play column has also been moved back to the more traditional center of the hoglet wing.



  • USB connection to Hog 4 PC
  • One Super Widget built in (4 universes of DMX)
  • Socket for a Hog LED Desklight (supplied), fully dimmable
  • LED Desklight and feedback LEDs dimmable
  • Sleek HedgeHog 4 styling
  • Status LEDs for power, data, and expansion
  • Two USB sockets
  • Dust cover included
  • Four encoders
  • Twelve User Keys
  • Ten playback faders
  • Auto-ranging external PSU mains input (90-250VAC)
  • Optional Custom Road Case



  • 23.75” (603.25) wide by 12.37” (314.19mm) deep by 2.62” (66.54mm) high
  • Weight: 8.64lbs (3.22 kg)
Oxjam Darlo - CDB Production Solutions

Oxjam Darlo 2015

Sunday 25th October 2015 saw the annual Oxjam Darlo, a Charity Event with the aims to raise the much needed and valuable funds to help and support the work of Oxfam.  We were brought on board to supply all the sound and production services for the R&B stage, to the acts that were performing during the day.  It was a fantastic atmosphere with great performances form all involved.  However, we must give a special mention to our friends Sundance Plays Hendrix who gave the crowd a superb show as the headline band.

We are already looking forward to providing our services for Oxjam Darlo 2016!  If you would like more info on Oxjam Darlo then click the link.

If you are planning an event and would like to discuss your technical requirements with us, then please get in touch using our contact form or alternatively call our office on 01325 520357, we would love to hear from you.

CDB Production Solution School Show Lighting and Sound

School Shows

The end of the school year is always busy for us, as we work with many schools and colleges supplying our services for their summer school shows and performances.  This year was no exception as we started out providing radio mic hire, sound system and our start cloth backdrop to a local primary school shows of Joseph and the Amazing Technicolour Dreamcoat.

We also had a production of le Miserables, which we provided sound, lighting and special effects equipment on a dry hire basis.  This included multiple radio mic channels, various lighting fixtures and control, smoke, haze and pyrotechnic systems.  We were also brought in on one of the performances to facilitate a DVD of the school shows which would be available to the cast, family and friends.

Meantime we also had full technical and production responsibility for The Sound of Music.  This was the first time we had worked with is college, for their school shows and the standard of the production was first class.  We provided all equipment for the production including lighting, sound and visual effect engineers which meant that the teaching staff could really focus on the acting and school orchestra. It was a very well received by audiences and we very much look forward to working with the college on their future school shows.

If you are planning your school shows and require any assistance, please get in touch via our contact us form, or if you would prefer to speak to someone in person give our office a call on 01325 520357.  We are always on hand to provide information and guidance.